Marleen Haeneefstingels

- My main goal is to design courses with a fun twist to challenge both, dog and handler -

Hi, I am Marleen Haeneefstingels, founder and active trainer at "DogPower" and FCI judge. I got passionated about Agility almost 30 years ago. I remember seeing this beautiful bond between man, dog and obstacles and I got intrigued. Being a dogperson myself, I wanted to learn more about this " funny game" and so I bought myself a pair of good running shoes and started training and competing with my own dogs (medium and large). I still compete whenever I get the chance and still love it. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to learn more and at the age of 28 I was a "college girl" again and enrolled in multiple educational courses of dog behaviour and agility. Doing what I love most and following my passion has lead me to the start- up of my own dog training facility: "DogPower". Up and running for 16 years now.

On that green field, with or without obstacles, is where I thrive. I love being the coach and like to contribute to the succes of my teams. I want them to reach their full potential and I will guide them accordingly. Setting up/Designing obstacle courses came as a second nature to me. It is one of my favourite activities and I always take safety in account. Those who have ever trained with me on that green field will agree:  I'm a straightforward woman who plays by the rules.

All those experiences made me to what I am today: a licenced FCI judge. My ultimate goal is to rise the bar. To take things to a higher level. Always with that fun twist in mind. I am honoured to be one of the judges at the EO Belgium.

A big thank you to the organisation for hosting this marvellous event.

See you all at EO2022Agility in Belgium!